Best Biryani Destinations In Guntur


If you ask what is the favorite dish of India, the unanimous answer is BIRYANI.  There are several types of biryanis across India and each one has a specific flavor with the local interest and culture embedded in it.

Me, like many, is very fond of biryani and it is my usual go-to dish.  Hailing from Guntur, I have tasted biryani in almost all the restaurants and found most of them delicious and yummy but I will put forth my best experience in Chilly Town of Guntur.

Bismillah Biryani Point

This is located near RTC Bus Stand and is the best one if your interest lies in mutton biryani.  It also has a branch in Lakshmipuram, which is more amenable to dining with family.  It also serves tasty kebabs and tandoori.

Subhani Hotel

Located near Mirchi Yard en route to Narasaraopet, this hotel serves the best budget-friendly biryani without compromising on the taste.  If you don’t mind the rush and not so posh ambiance, go for this.  Khichdi and Kebab served for breakfast are also yummy here.

Hotel Viceroy

This is the best of the lot.  I have been a frequent customer here for the last 25 years, and I can remember very few instances when I found the biryani here not meeting the expectation.  The aroma itself is special and there are many people staying away from Guntur who do make a point of eating here when they come to Guntur.  If you are new to Guntur and want to try the best biryani around, don’t miss eating here.

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