Exotic Maredumilli


With fast deforestation and expansion of human habitats, we humans are forgetting we belong to nature and coexist with other members of Nature.  We all got so used to the concrete jungle, as they call it, and not even bothered to know our roots as a human race.

However, now ecotourism or trips to forest areas is gaining popularity and if you are looking for such a place in both Telugu states or even beyond, Maredumilli is one best choice.  The drive, the atmosphere, and almost perennial waterfalls make this place the go-to destination for nature lovers.  unlike many other forest areas, Maredumilli is easily accessible by road and lies on the Andhra side of the AP-Telangana border.

Maredumilli is about 70 km from the heart of Godavari, Rajahmundry.  The freshness in the air is felt immediately en route once you cross the Rajahmundry airport and it only gets better.  The drive takes one-and-half to two hours and can be stretched if you want to take snapshots of the beautiful nature in between.  Once you cross Rampa Chodavaram, the jungle hilly road starts and this is just a joy ride from thereon.  The tall trees on either side of the road and the frequent animal guests on the road makes it even more pleasant.

How To Reach Maredumilli

If you are coming from the AP side, land in Rajahmundry and take the road via the airport, and from there very easy to navigate.  If coming from the side of the Telangana there is a road from Bhadrachalam which is more adventurous and enjoyable if you like such.  There are many transport vehicles coming from Chattisgarh and other states that pass through this road and you will not get a lonely feeling.

Where to stay

Jungle Star Resort, My choice

There are several guesthouses both private and public.  One can book a guest house from the AP Tourism Department website.  There are several private resorts like Birds Nest also.  If you are going with family, Jungle Star, a resort by AP Tourism is the best choice.  This resort is located in midst of the jungle, has a swinging bridge and stream beneath it, and is the perfect choice within a reasonable budget.  However, booking should be done well in advance so that you are not in for a disappointment.


The major attraction of Maredumilli is nature itself.  It also boasts two waterfalls, which have a tough terrain to reach but absolutely worth the hard walk.

The bamboo menu, chicken, and biryani are special dishes here and will satisfy your tastebuds.  The local people are very friendly.  One thing this place differs from others is that though located remote from the urban area, everything is available here.

The campfire is a special joy and tribal dance performances stand as special attractions.

Other Places

There are several other tourist attractions including Gudise that is a spectacular hilltop and the best place to visit during misty early mornings.  There is also a forest ghat road to Bhadrachalam that is one to savor and cannot be explained in words.

Ideal Time To Visit

Maredumilli is located deep in the forest and any season is welcome here and pleasant in its own way.  Be it the rainy season for the lush green surrounding and waterfalls at their peak flow; winter season for the mist and longer nights, foggy mornings, etc; and the dry season for hill station-like feeling.

If you are a fan of nature and love places in the lap of it with a little bit of adventure, this place is yours and your first visit, I guarantee, will not be the last one.


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